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Vette “In Pursuit of Margaritas”

Corvette Artwork "In Pursuit of Margaritas"

This was a great piece to create. The whole time painting it, all I could think about was, "How cool it would be to be cruising in it to my favorite 5 o'clock bar to get a margarita?" 

Get a framed print of this beautiful Corvette from Red Bubble for your home, office, or garage. 


Vette "In Pursuit of Margaritas"

Exclamation X – XclamationX -ART WORK

I have an affinity for exclamation points for some reason. I am sure the is a crazy psychological Xplanation, however at this time plan to have some fun with the combination.

Here is me jumping right into Illustrator and making my first design. It really stands for how a feel about things. !X – means wow and man I am confused on how that happened. It's like a farcical expression you see when a guy sees an knock gorgeous looking woman. First you get the EXCLAMATION then you get the dazed and confused look, which is the X. X is like a FILL in the blank.


Exclamation X Artwork


Exclamation X