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Yoga Ad Pitch

I needed to get centered. I put this together after seeing an ad in the Philadelphia  City Paper, or was it the Weekly. Either way,  I did not dislike the ad, I just thought I would like to give it a shot. I did the illustrations after thinking way back to figure drawing class in college and the quick 30 second poses. They were always spontanious and fun to do. They were never tight drawings because of the time, so you got some real free flowing work.

Yogo Ad

Yoga Ad FUN!

Yacht Stock Tee-Shirt Design

I just found this, and I know it is dated, but I thought it was neat. A buddy of mine needed some help one year with a tee-shirt design for the annual YachtStock shindig. I hooked him up with this. He had been working with someone for years, but this year they were in a pinch for dime and needed a design quick. I did this in about 30 minutes. I would have liked more time to work on it, but didn’t have it so here is what you can get from me in about 30 minutes…. Oh…and that was about 5 years ago.

Hot Rod Art ::Green With Envy::

This is the first piece in my new series of hot rod art. The idea is all about rides with emotions. What if they were living and breathing?  What would they be like?  If you have a row of cars at a show, which one wants to be there? Which one is proud to be there? Which one could care less? Which one thinks it’s the best. Which one hates it?  I want to show these emotional through the use of color and angle of the illustration.

The art itself will be an exploration in water color pencils. It have never worked with them before.

This guy is named GREEN WITH ENVY. I was at Lead East and he was parked next to a dumpster which was on a row where all the other COOL RIDES passed by. Nobody gave him a second look. Even the Rusty old rat rods got more attention than he did. His actual color was wore out gray, but he sure looked green to me.






Getting towards the end. Only a few details left. I put it in a mat board to see how it would look. I also showed it to a friend. He loved it, except he didn’t like the orange turn signal light becasue it was not original. I got a good laugh and till him it just needed to be there.

Old Green Ford Truck

Cobra Lunch – Hot Rod Tee Shirt Design

This was a hot rod tee shirt design fun design. The idea came from a friend in Georgia who has a 2010 GT500. We are still developing it. The next idea is to take out all the bones of the manufacture’s emblems and replace them with motor parts like rods, pistons, valves, and gears. I will make a one color design as well to put on tee-shits. The Cobra is having a nice little lunch don’t you think? I did the initial sketch and the used a Wacom in Illustrator.