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The Hot Rod Red Wheels on this Chevy Truck make it!

I have seen this truck at several shows, but never met the owner for some reason or another. It has also been a challenge to get a photo of it that I like. This weekend, I spotted it in a perfect location, ran over to grab the shot before it was lost. The owner was not around, but I got what I have been looking for. 

I think it would make a great poster on a wall. The red rally style wheels are perfect for it!…

Morgan Phillips Photography - 1950's Yellow Chevy Truck


Could you see as a poster on a wall in your home????

Imagine taking this for a spin down Pacific Coast Highway

I saw this and thought wow!….Imagine taking this for a spin right off the showroom floor down Pacific Coast Highway or on a nice Fall day in the Poconos….It must have been magical…..compared the plastic we drive around in these days. With a little photo retouching to get the miscellaneous objects out of the photo the car did everything else.  Would you just check out that front end. There is more real steal on there than three or four new cars. 

Morgan Phillips Photography - Buick Big Red Wagon

Where could you see yourself driving this sweet big red wagon?