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Yep – Breakneck 1320 – FIRE and ICE logo drafts

Yep, I wanted to see what I would get with some flames on the Breakneck Logo… Not bad. I don't particularly the texture on both sets of font, but I wanted to give it a "Look See"…. Any comments? I think I will go back and change the blue ice to something else. One thing is for sure, this style would not work to well in black & white and in any type of reduction in size.

I decided to work on some more textures….

A better version of Ice…


and yep, that Rusted Steal

Exclamation X – XclamationX -ART WORK

I have an affinity for exclamation points for some reason. I am sure the is a crazy psychological Xplanation, however at this time plan to have some fun with the combination.

Here is me jumping right into Illustrator and making my first design. It really stands for how a feel about things. !X – means wow and man I am confused on how that happened. It's like a farcical expression you see when a guy sees an knock gorgeous looking woman. First you get the EXCLAMATION then you get the dazed and confused look, which is the X. X is like a FILL in the blank.


Exclamation X Artwork


Exclamation X

F.I.T. Gym Logo

This one for FIT did not make it through…. They thought it looked like it was a NYC gym not a local Philadelphia Boxing gym. I made a another logo that has been up for over 10 years now. I need to find it and post it for comparison. By the way, they guy I did this one for is Matt Titus, who live in NYC now. you might have seen him on TV. He is now a successful dating coach. He is no longer building gyms.

DECOY – Movie Logo

I did this logo for a movie executive producer named Beau Rogers.  I worked with Beau for many years on different projects. I read a tons of scripts for him and gave him coverage.

The logos I did were usually on the fly. Beau always needed them the next day. They were supposed to be used to help pitch the script. Decoy was one of them the last ones i worked on for Beau.  I don’t know if  the movie was ever made but, I had fun with the illustrated logo, and the collateral materials.

DECOY - Movie Script Logo

Yacht Stock Tee-Shirt Design

I just found this, and I know it is dated, but I thought it was neat. A buddy of mine needed some help one year with a tee-shirt design for the annual YachtStock shindig. I hooked him up with this. He had been working with someone for years, but this year they were in a pinch for dime and needed a design quick. I did this in about 30 minutes. I would have liked more time to work on it, but didn’t have it so here is what you can get from me in about 30 minutes…. Oh…and that was about 5 years ago.